--- A few facts ---

C.N.G.V. d.o.o. is an engineering company founded in July 2014 in Izola by Giovanni Fratti and Loris Cok. Giovanni Fratti – who is also the CEO of the company – is owner of four patents (✱ System for leak test with laser beam; ✱ High pressure composite cylinders; Improved method to produce high-resistance composite vessels with inner metal liner and vessels made by said method; ✱ System for pipe manufacturing; ✱ Electrolytic cell for hydrogen production).

As part of a 13-members consortium we are working on GASVESSEL, a Horizon 2020 project. More about the project on the following LINK.

As a design company we can design and follow the implementation of automatic mechanical systems for applications in the mechanical industry in general. Our staff is specialized in automated systems for quality control, design and development for full automatic filament winding machines.

We are open to collaboration with other companies.

--- Our team ---

Giovanni F.

Owner & CEO

Nataly B.

Administrative Secretary

Martin M.

Project Manager

Edvard K.

Machine Designer

Deni J.

Automation And Control Engineer

Peter M.

Machine Designer